Writing blogs and interviews to lift up inspiring companies.

I am an English and Czech copywriter specializing in interviews and blogs. Through inspirational content featured in blogs, social media and magazines, I help good cause-oriented companies target their audiences, increase brand awareness and enhance user experience.

„The interview was very engaging and inspiring. Veronika’s skills as an interviewer are powerful, and as good or better than many experienced US TV, radio and podcast hosts who have interviewed me over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.“

Mark Monchek, author of Amazon bestseller Culture of Opportunity

“Veronika has brought a huge amount of good-quality content to UP21. By increasing the readability of our blog and change in content outreach, we achieved a 60% increase in website visits in only 6 months compared to previous cooperation with an agency.”

Vít Šubert, Co-Founder & CEO of UP21