He is one of the top Czech security analysts. He writes, comments on television and radio, and occasionally advises ministries. That’s no surprise, given that he reads two books a week and checks a hundred web pages a day. Lukáš Visingr is a distinctive patriot and Zionist, a lover of great powers and a fighter against political correctness. We spoke about the Polish nuclear bomb, the kidnapping of Europe and smart Trump.

When will the next war in Europe be?

I expect it early, basically anytime. The situation is getting more tense but countries are not showing it. A year ago, the possibility of the Spanish-British war over Gibraltar was discussed in the media. It aroused horror in people that somebody even dared speak about war at all. It is a perfect demonstration of how we have forgotten that military force is sometimes used in international relations. Europe has enjoyed several decades of peace, and I do not think there will be another such decade. I do not say it with enthusiasm or horror in my eyes. I just say it as it is and emphasize that we must prepare ourselves accordingly.

How specifically would you like to prepare yourself?

The best thing we can hope for is that we will become the right hand of Poland. If we make a bomb for the Poles, we will be strategic partners for them. There is a need to create a Central European confederation, negotiate with the Germans and the Russians at the same level and be in close touch with the US. Trump has shown that he is counting on the Central Europe and is willing to help countries that can help themselves.

Wait. What kind of bomb are you talking about? A nuclear one?

Yes, of course. Poland is a growing power and will want a bomb. We have the material to make it and we can do it. The Nuclear Research Center in Řež is world-class. We can do it in four years. How I take it is that the Poles will pay for it and we will make it. They already want it, but they are only showing it quietly. They will definitely need us in ten years, and actually they would be happy if we already joined them now.

What do you mean by saying join them?

The Poles came up with the Three Seas Initiative. The Baltics, the Romanians and the Hungarians would probably also join. Now it’s on us. Unfortunately, we did not show interest in this initiative last year. I would like to see a more integrated Central Europe. The Czech Republic should be a part of something that is big enough for it to play a superpower role, but not so big as to oppress us. The current Visegrád Group could expand on the ground plan of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was located in the region of Central and Eastern Europe down to the Balkans. But we should never be a bridge. As Jan Masaryk said, the bridge is made so that people can walk on it. Rather, we should be a fortress which charges for trespassing.

What role could we play in this grouping? Are we not too small?

The fact that we are small is no argument. Israel is half our size and has the respect of a world power. We should be self-confident, have a powerful economy and the ability to protect our borders. We must always try to play above our level. Sometimes we behave like a rag on the floor and then we complain that they treat us like that. Our only chance is to invest money into research and development and focus on quality. In the past, we were among world’s leading brands in many fields. We need to be self-confident and sometimes say no, even if it means that we will go against the EU. Just as we did with the immigrant quotas. We will be sued for it, it will take a long time, but who knows if the EU will still exist in a few years.

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How can you as an Euro-skeptic support creation of another entity in Europe?

In Central Europe, states have similar interests, which is not the case of whole Europe. When the EU was based on economic integration, it was good. When political integration and the euro were introduced, it took the wrong direction. I hate the fact that the EU supporters kidnapped Europe and say that EU and Europe are the same thing. I say that I am against the EU because I am pro-European. The EU came with the “European interest” label, but people already understood that those are German and French interests. We will go back to what has worked for hundreds of years, which is the national interests of states.

Speaking of EU’s politics, what do you think about the way the EU handled the immigration crisis?

We totally messed it up. It is impossible for Europe to function as a universal sponsor and rescuer of anyone who asks for it. The level of security and human rights in our continent is far ahead from most of the world, so a few billion people would automatically have the right to asylum here. It is good to help war refugees as long as the war is over. I can understand that we are helping women and children, but when I see strong young men coming here, I’m thinking there is something fishy about it. The Czech men also left the occupied Czechoslovakia, but they returned back with guns in their hands.

Do you think that the men who are coming are cowards?

Quite possibly. While most Syrian Arabs escaped, the European Kurds went to fight. I find it suspicious that many people who are coming here are from countries where there is no war. It seems to me like a hidden invasion which we are paying for. It is a unique case in history that the victim would pay for its invasion army. Plus the fact that we do not require integration from these people is unacceptable.

How do you think we should act?

We need to emphasize that here is Europe, which has both ancient Greek and Roman and Judeo-Christian foundations, and that people have to adapt to them. We celebrate Christmas here and we will call it Christmas, and if you do not like it, then go away. If someone says that he supports sharia, it is a good reason for me to immediately expel him without any discussion.

Do you reject multiculturalism as such?

No, I just do not like its European form, which denies our traditions and culture, and this is makes the West the West. However, American multiculturalism works in a way that Europe’s does not. Anyone can come to the US but he has to pass a citizenship test and respect basic shared values. What people do in private does not interest anyone, but they must follow the rules in the public sector, and if they do not like it, they must leave. The same should work in Europe.

I bet if you say that, people start telling you that you prefer your own culture over others.

Oh, I’ve heard so many things about myself! Being a racist, a xenophobe, a chauvinist, and Islamophobic is standard. I protest only against the ending -phobic because I’m not afraid of Islam. Grudge is not fear. There is one thing that makes these labels magical. After some period, they cease to have an effect. If someone calls me a xenophobe, I reply to them: “Yes, given the current mainstream set-up, I probably am. Do something about it. ” The only thing I’m waiting for is that I’m a Nazi. But given that I am a Zionist, it would seem strange. Sometimes I have been referred to as neo-racist, which is a man who does not distinguish people by color, but by culture. Yes, in that case, I am a proud neo-racist, because I am convinced that the West is culturally and civilizationally superior to other parts of the world.

Based on your statement that the Europe aka West is superior, why does Europe not feel proud about its culture and promote its interests?

In the past few decades of peace, we have become lazier, stopped thinking about our own security and cut ourselves down to the bottom of our defense. We have forgotten what is important and started to worry about stupidities. The US was hit too, but certainly not as much. Obama was an extreme idealist, but Trump brought the US back to realism. Europe did not understand how much it is losing by its benevolent approach towards its own protection. Since WW2, the US economy has been based on the arms industry. Americans invest money into the arms industry and make a huge profit.

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How can they make money on arms industry?

It supports research and development, creates new job positions from steel workers to top scientists and boosts the economy. Everyone profits from these technologies because the arms and civil industries are interconnected. About a third of the money immediately returns to the budget in the form of taxes. Europe did not understand this because during the economic crisis it massively cut off its arms industry, whereas it should have done the opposite. Small countries such as Israel or South Korea are so strong because they spend most money on research and development.

Okay, but arms lead to wars.

That’s not true. Arming can lead to tension, but it is good for the economy. The current tension between the US and Russia convenes both sides. Rational actors realize that arming brings tension, but war would destroy wealth. War is not good for the economy.

So why are there so many wars then?

Sometimes small interventions may be beneficial. War is a continuation of politics by other means. What Russia is doing is not anything that superpowers would not be doing for the past 200 years, only Europe has forgotten about it. The European politicians looked in total disbelief that the Russians sent tanks to Ukraine because this is not how things work! Of course, this is how things work!!! This is how international politics works.

Tell me what did you think about this intervention?

I am not surprised that Putin took over practically half of Ukraine, but I am angry at Western Europe, which was incapable of doing anything about it. Putin would have never dared to do it if he knew that someone would stand up to him. But he knows that Europe is weak and he would have to be a fool if he did not take advantage of it. He is a rational and predictable player. I’m not saying I like it. Ethical, unethical, legal, illegal, this is not how international politics works and it never has. The results are important.

Does Europe have a chance to get out of this feeble state and become stronger?

Yes, but only when the states begin to promote their national interests – the British in the Western and the Northern periphery, the French in the Northern and Central African nations. The Germans will go into Central Europe, as their good practice is. That is why we need to stick together.

What do you think about the current state of NATO?

The current situation is a bit distorted. The Americans see the Europeans as a combination of irresponsible children and mad mass murderers who unleashed two world wars, while the Europeans think that the Americans will protect them and they will scold them for it. For 15 years, the Americans kept on repeating that they are financing three-quarters of NATO’s budget, but Europe did not listen and thought those were diplomatic phrases. Trump arrived last January and yelled: “Enough, we are fed up with this.” Since then, Europe has finally started to invest more into arms. It will take a lot of money and time, and in any case it’s a good direction, but I do not want to undo it. It is curious that Trump had to come for us to realize many basic facts.

Speaking of Trump, what do you think of him?

Trump is eccentric, unconventional, self-centered, and occasionally doesn’t watch his language, but it changes nothing about the fact that he is a tough negotiator who is very flexible and achieves what he wants. He did incredibly much in one year. In addition to European arms investment, he began to improve relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. He also plays a smart game with China. He’s trying to improve what Obama messed up.


What do you think about Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital?

(applause) If I had to determine one perfect political trick he did, it was this one. He went on a trip to the Middle East and visited the Saudis and the Egyptians. He checked what he had long thought and what everyone knew, but no one would say out loud, that nobody cared about the Palestinians; then he came back and declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Saudi Arabia and Egypt issued verbal protests and the whole thing was over. It was a win-win situation. Especially given that he signed huge arms agreements that will benefit the US arms industry.

How was he able to negotiate such a thing? Saudi Arabia hates Israel.

For many states, Israel has become a, not-exactly-loved, but respected partner with whom they strongly cooperate mainly against Iran without admitting it. Trump seemed to say to the Saudi king: “Is it true that you don’t care about the Palestinians?” “Yeah.” Trump said, “All right. Here are the contracts for all the weapons you need. I will acknowledge Jerusalem and you will say that you do not like it. Okay? “” Okay. “” Deal? “” Deal. ” Trump is a skilled businessman who has just turned his entire negotiating strategy into politics. His catchphrase is Think Big; that is, have great ambitions, negotiate aggressively, and use the carrot and stick: offer rewards, and threaten.

Despite this or maybe because of this many people criticize him. How do you perceive his critics?

They are eating from his hand and they do not even realize it. He manipulates the media the way media manipulate the public. He spent almost nothing on the election campaign and yet he won. People thought he was talking nonsense, but it was well-thought out in every single detail. He said things which attracted media attention and the media gave him coverage for free. He is doing politics in the same way. Journalists still care about his tweets and pseudo-talk, about him drinking diet Coke and wandering about the White House in his nightgown, but they are not even noticing his agenda. Trump understood that they would never be on his side. He knew that the only option was to turn them against themselves. They are against him, yet they are helping him. He can wag the dog.

How long will he be able to do this? Do you think the role of the US will still be as important as it is now, or will the importance of countries like China increase?

The end of US dominance is not coming. It will not happen in this century, if ever. As for China, it has a debt of 200 percent of GDP. When the real estate and stock bubbles burst, in comparison to that Lehman Brothers will be a suppressed sneeze. The Chinese economy is a huge, overflowing bubble that must burst. There are rumors that there is no growth in China anymore. Furthermore, Trump is capable of launching a trade war against China. Unlike the US, China does not have many alternative options because its trade is dependent on exports to the US. By the way, many US companies have already returned home. Americans can threaten China: “Either you help us with DPRK or we stop being friends.” When the economy in China collapses, the whole system will break down.

That’s an interesting point. Lukáš, I have a final, maybe a little strange, question. I know that I should be grateful for it in an interview, but why do you talk so openly about your views; for example, in your articles?

I want everyone to know where they stand with me. I do not like people who claim to be impartial and objective. If someone says they are objective, it’s a nonsense. For example, I am a Zionist and I will always work for the interests of Israel. But everyone has a similar right. As Voltaire said: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Everyone has the right to their agenda, but they should show it. I wish the media was obliged to publish their ownership structure and political affiliation so that one could know who they are doing it for.

Thank you for a very interesting interview and for talking about everything so openly, as it’s rare.

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