To get you up to speed, I started writing in high school, founded my blog Pinklich in 2014 and since 2017 have been a freelance copywriter & interviewer. I also did a few things on the side like work for a startup, intern at an embassy, get a university degree and corporate experience. Feel free to check my LinkedIn.


All along, I have always been lucky to meet inspiring people, whether they were entrepreneurs, managers of companies, activists, educators or founders of organizations, projects, and incubators. I felt these people didn’t just make a difference; they made THE difference – be it in science, technology, business, environment, social arenas, education or politics.

I decided to pitch in and become a loudspeaker of companies and individuals who are doing a terrific job in this world, have a positive impact on our lives and deserve attention. By sharing powerful stories, I want to spread hope, inspiration, and motivation, and make people feel they have an impact on the lives of others, society, and nature.

I simply want to help powerful stories of solutionaries reach the wider world.